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What Is Content Development And Why Does It Matter?

The Critical Difference Between Having A Website And A Web Presence

I am about to break a sacred rule of good writing and lean upon a cliché for a moment. Forgive me.

Content is king.

There, I said it. But clichés are so well worn because they are so often true. And in this case, bow to the king, for content rules the day.

Think about this from your own experience: you may have the next great app, the best lawn care business, or the award-winning non-profit, but without clear content that tells the world what you do, people just pass by. This is one of the foundational principles of good business: tell others what you do, how your service will help them, and why you are the one to trust. This has been the job of copywriters since chisel met stone.

Content Development Feeds The Beast

But clear and relevant copy is not enough. Search engines are a hungry beast. They crawl day and night, searching for more content. When the text of your blog or website appear to be relevant and consistent with the rest of your site, this makes the search monster happy. When those same words are recently updated relevant content like blog posts, testimonials, and page content, this makes the beast even happier. You see? Content development is a two-fold approach: crafting the right words, that are good on the ear and the engine, as well as frequent words.

Content Development Is Quality and Quantity

For example, take website A. It has multiple pages of well-written copy, a few links to products and partners, but it has stayed relatively the same for two years. Then there is website B. It also has well-written copy, search-friendly leads, calls to action and a frequently updated blog with articles and resources that flag search engines down as helpful content the reader would most likely be interested in.

Content development is the double-barreled shotgun that fires good content and frequent updates. In the end, the goal is the same as it ever was: help others find your business, communicate what you do, and prove to the reader that you are the one to trust.

Content development is the difference between just having a website and having a web presence that serves your readers well and brings you the right clients.

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