Just over 2 years ago, Annie and I had this idea to start a podcast together. It was an idea born in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in between Gorman and Coalinga on the scenic I-5.

I don’t remember the logical process as to why we thought it would be a good idea, but it had something to do with reason 1,007 as to why theology matters. We kept seeing examples of this gaping chasm between sound doctrine and daily living. People that we know and love, living as if personal experience rather than sound doctrine, was the explanation for holding to a belief or practice.

I remember Annie waving her hands around a lot as she talked. Typically the more hand movement, the more palpable the subject matter. The back and forth dialogue, peppered with my nodding head and occasional sarcastic filler was the onramp to, “hey, what would you think about starting a podcast together?”

What followed from Los Banos to Stockton was the formation of an idea, an idea that would become “Ordinary Reformation.” It is a growing repository filled with conversations about biblical theology shaping ordinary life. Topics like repentance, marriage, suffering, failure, ambition, and parenting began to fill our notebooks and SD card.

Anyway, it has been a while, but we finally recorded another episode this week. Nothing revolutionary, but a peek into what our life has been like as a result of Corona pandemic and the stay at home mandate.

Theology matters.