The Right Words Can Make

All The Difference


I Help Growing Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Strengthen Their Web Presence

By Providing The Content They Need

Marketing Analysis

Uncover, refine and showcase your unique message and core offering

Website Strategy

Provide a strategy and direction for your web presence

Content Development

Offer ongoing writing services for blogs, articles and marketing content


Deliver website analytics and clear metrics to track online engagement

Words. Matter.

Words build ideas and shape opinions, they spread ideas and bring concepts to life.

  • Clear, succinct, and personable writing can help your business stand out from the drone of background noise and connect you to your customers.
  • The wrong words can send the wrong message, confuse the reader, or even turn them away.

So, if words are really this powerful, why would you leave the content of your website half-baked or flung together haphazardly?

89% of small businesses are firms with less than 20 workers.

This means the majority of entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits, and family-owned companies will not have dedicated marketing or copywriting on paid staff. What are their options?

  • Spend costly hours of their own time trying to write, organize, and publish web content on their own?
  • Ashamedly put up with outdated and misleading information on a clunky website?
  • Copy and paste (steal) content from another website or blog and call it their own?

There is a better way.

I’m Brett Wagner, a content developer and freelance writer for hire.

I believe that every business, product, and brand has a story that can be told in a way that attracts and engages customers. These stories should be told with crisp, clean, and engaging copy; words that raise eyebrows, cause you to lean in, and prompt you to say, “where have you been all my life?”

Think of me as the supporting link between brand and customer, working behind the scenes to make you look good – or at least show off your good side.